Why we exist

Whether it’s working on innovative initiatives or aligning with existing organizations and efforts, we want to do everything in our power to help working families afford to live, work and play here – for this and future generations.

Our Mission

To support and advance public policies that make Hawai‘i affordable for all working families.

Our Vision

Collaborative, sustainable, and evidence-based public policies that create a diverse and sustainable Hawai‘i economy, an abundance of quality job opportunities, and a future where all working families living in Hawai‘i can thrive.

What we do

Create a cross-sector coalition working together to advance public policies that improve the status quo for Hawai‘i’s working families.

Use data to diagnose the symptoms and root causes of pressing challenges and build advocacy around those evidence-based solutions.

Partner with elected and appointed government officials to find ways to improve government functions. Because when government works better, it is more able to make Hawai’i affordable for all working families.

Provide public education and share information about commitments made by candidates for public office.